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Straight2Helvetica is a web comic that explores graphic design from the perspective of a fictional college design program.  While it will be focused on those funny moments that take place in the classroom there will be many strips that cover graphic design in a more general sense. Working with clients, coworkers, and other design professionals will surely prove to be fertile ground for future cartoons. New comic strips will be added each week so keep checking back for new "webisodes" who knows what may happen.


Joe Burroughs is a grizzled graphic designer who has been there and done that. He worked in the printing industry for years and finally burned out after an industrial accident that nearly killed him. He started teaching design at a local college and hasn't looked back since. He also does some freelance design from time to time and his client list reads like the wanted posters at the post office. This guy doesn't impress easily, and he's always quick with the criticism.

Ralph Voltz turned a freak childhood accident, that left him with two left hands, into fame and fortune. He was the most famous illustrator in Germany before being deported for tax fraud. He is used to being treated like royalty and this often causes problems in his new job as a graphic design instructor in America. He understands perfection and little else. He has a strong side career as an illustrator and his biggest client is an International toy company run by the beautiful Sally Ho.

Reggie McRod III is taking design classes because it seemed easier than being an accountant like his father. He enjoys pushing other people's buttons especially his classmates, but he may have met his match.

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Brittany Baker is a perfectionist that has to have everything just so. In her world there is only room for what she is interested in at the moment.

Kyle Bosworkz has an opinion about everything. He is the smartest person he's ever met.

Joffrey Tyler is taking awkward to the next level. He tries hard to walk the line between barely acceptable and totally offensive.